How to go from Kaohsiung to Xiao liuqiu (confirmed in Dec 2016)

It is a memo summarizing the way from Kaohsiung city of Taiwan to “Xiǎo liúqiú(little liuqiu) 小琉球” which is a detached island.

Based on the information gained on the net and the information I experienced on a day trip to “Xiǎo liúqiú(little liuqiu) 小琉球”, I will tell you the precautions for those who will go.


Information to be helpful on the net

First of all, it is information on the net I referred to before going to “Xiǎo liúqiú 小琉球”.

These are written in Japanese, so please read with translation.

The reason why Japanese information? is that I am Japanese, but the percentage of foreigners who are not Chinese native is the largest among Japanese. However, Japanese can not pronounce Chinese, but beware that “KANJI characters” can be understood. (Japanese and Chinese people use similar characters.)

For directions, it is enough to read these two first.

As a ferry timetable, Let’s bookmark this website.

Important point

I will duplicate the site introduced above, but I will write down the points of note including the contents confirmed by me.

1. Directions from Kaohsiung

The directions introduced at the above two sites are different.

Here we will tell you the precaution to use “Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士”. 

The motivation for writing this article is that there were no caveats concerning “Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士” on the internet.

First of all, it is difficult to understand the location of the ticket office for “Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士”..

Here I will show you how to go, but this is not the main access method.

“Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士”.

“Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士”. is not major, it is the impression of a small bus company, and there seems to be no presence in the local.

Even if I asked Other counter, I was told that “I do not know that bus company”.

There is a ticket office / boarding area of “Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士”. next to it, marking “Kangqiao da fandian Hotel 康橋大飯店” in front of Taiwan Kaohsiung Train Station.

The Google map is here. There is a pin in a store with a different name, but it is in that place as a place.

In December 2016, there was a flag like the image below, at the side of the road of the ticket office. Please refer to when searching.

“Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士”. staff can not speak English at all.

The advantage of “Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士” will be the point that will be sent to the east of “Dōnggǎng mǎtóu 東港碼頭” (Ferry Terminal) directly.

However, the problem is the way back. After buying a round-trip ticket, in order to use the return ticket, You should make a phone call reservation before taking the xiao liuqiu ferry terminal.

This is too difficult for foreigners! For a lot of foreigners who can not speak Chinese, this is very difficult to call.

If you use this bus by all means, you’d better use only the tickets to go

This is round-trip ticket, you can see the phone number when you make a phone call reservation.

How to go for foreigners

For this reason, foreigners do not recommend using this “Gǎng dū bāshì(Port Harbor Bus) 港都巴士” bus company.

So I recommend “Píng dōng kèyùn 屏東客運(Bus company name)”. Kaohsiung staff can speak English, so you may get infomation.

When you arrive at , you walk about 10 minutes from the bus terminal to ferry terminal.

Bus terminal name is”Píng dōng kèyùn 屏東客運(bus company name) Dōnggǎng 東港 bus terminal “. Ferry terminal name is “Dōnggǎng mǎtóu 東港碼頭” (Ferry Terminal).

2. Taking a private ship

There are two ferry places to go to “Xiǎo liúqiú 小琉球” from at “Dōnggǎng mǎtóu 東港碼頭” (Ferry Terminal).




At “Dōnggǎng mǎtóu 東港碼頭” (Ferry Terminal), The one you should ride is “Private ship ferry 東琉線”.

“Private ship ferry 東琉線” is a flight returning to Port”Báishā mǎtóu 白沙碼頭” which is the center of “Xiao Liuqiu 小琉球”.

On the other hand, public vessels are taken to a place where there is really nothing Port”Dàfú mǎtóu 大福碼頭”.

Between Port”Báishā mǎtóu 白沙碼頭” and Port”Dàfú mǎtóu 大福碼頭”, as I saw, it seems to take more than an hour to walk on foot.

By the way, the image below is the ticket office of a “Private ship ferry 東琉線”.

3. Passport required!

Although it is the most important point, in order to buy a ticket at the ferry terminal, a passport is essential.

As you are asked to present your passport, let ‘s take a foreigner by all means.

4. Should I ride a motorcycle?

I will teach on how to spend “Xiǎo liúqiú(little liuqiu) 小琉球”.

Upon arriving at Xiǎo liúqiú(little liuqiu) 小琉球”, the staff of a motorcycle rental shop is flooded.

However, this is a problem.As a foreigner, can I borrow a motorcycle here? There is a doubt.

It is because I do not know clearly whether my country’s driver’s license can be used.

Of course the staff at the rental shop does not hear the details about whether you have a license.

The problem is your own responsibility when you make an accident. If you make an accident you need to borrow a motorcycle with knowledge of your own responsibility.

…… That’s why I looked for a bicycle rental shop. However, I can hardly find it at all (laugh)

I was forced to introduce it at the visitor center and I could borrow it at a bicycle shop near the harbor.

However, the staff of the visitor center was also unfamiliar feeling. Probably, there is almost no such need. I do not care about everyone, you owe me a motorcycle.

Xiǎo liúqiú(little liuqiu) 小琉球” is not understood simply by looking at the map, but it is a terrain with a height difference more than expected when you actually run.

It would be better to think that it takes one day to take a lap around the island by bicycle, including sightseeing and breaks.

I am a day trip, I do not know the way well, so I gave up and gave up at about a third turn. If you are using a motorcycle, it will be possible to make one lap, though.

5. How to return to Kaohsiung

It duplicates what I introduced in the previous page, but on the way back I went to “Píng dōng kèyùn 屏東客運(bus company name) Dōnggǎng 東港 bus terminal “.

The Terminal Bus station is a distance of about 10 minutes on foot from the ferry terminal in “Dōnggǎng mǎtóu 東港碼頭” (Ferry Terminal), and it is far apart.

However, since you only have to walk straight ahead, you will not get lost a little.

Although that bus terminal, I live in a building that looks like a convenience store. You will need to check the map of the smartphone so that it will not overlook the sign.

In the image below, I will also put an image of a reference map.

When I arrived at the bus terminal, the bus terminal personnel kindly taught us which bus to take, if I would like to go to “Kaohsiung City” in Chinese or English.

As a digression, I made a mistake on my way home so I will tell you a story about it.

That is a story when the bus entered Kaohsiung City and was relieved.

Even if the bus approaches a location that seems to be in front of the Kaohsiung station, there is no indication of the name “Kaohsiung Station” at the bus stop.

For this reason, I did not know where to get off, and the bus went away steadily from Kaohsiung Train Station.

When you arrive at a familiar landscape such as Howard Plaza Hotel, you can get off at that place or you can get off at the place where everyone is getting off near the station.

I am sorry that I could not affix a link to the route map because I did not write down which bus route bus was used. The journey time from Donggang bus terminal to Kaohsiung was about 40 minutes.

6. I wish I had stayed overnight.

Although you can tell when you go, “xiao liuqiu” is a remote island that has nothing in it.

Even in Okinawa in Japan, I felt that the old landscape was like this. The old landscape of the southern country remains.

If you know Japanese culture, “Liuqiu” is old Okinawa’s name. But This “Xiao Liuqiu” is not Okinawa, it is belong to Taiwan. Maybe, These area was called “Liuqiu” from long long ago.

Although I went on a day trip, I felt I wanted to stay overnight …. Recommended for those who can enjoy “nothing and nothing”.


I have summarized the points of note based on the record I experienced.

It is a little old with the information of December 2016, please refer to it.

I think that “Taipei is not the only one in Taiwan!”

I am Japanese (not Taiwanese) and This article used Machine Translation and wrote somewhat reworked and unnatural words. If you find  information is incorrect, please send me a message.